I had a early 70's mini 1000 when I lived in canada. I paid a whopping sum of $850 for it in the early nineties, which for me at the time was a lot. I regularly drove 3 other friends around town, Scandinavian flicked it around any dirt corner I could, went on british jaunts with a MGB owning friend and pretty much… » 8/27/14 3:01pm Wednesday 3:01pm

Same. I can't believe that a place that is well suited to the future includes a place that will definitely suffer from the warming trend we are seeing as part of the end of the mini-ice age/global warming. Nothing says sustainable and future ready than summers at +120°F. Not to mention the complete lack of water, the… » 8/27/14 12:54pm Wednesday 12:54pm

I've actually decided that I much prefer Facebook as more of a familybook, friends I have actually spent time with in the last decade book, and very close friends from over the years. That random guy I used to work with? Gone. That person I went to grade school with? Gone. That guy who I met through an online forum… » 8/26/14 5:03pm 8/26/14 5:03pm

People can be vaccinated and then get something like cancer or some other immune suppressing issue and they are then very susceptible to the cold. Some people can't be immunized so there will never be a 100% vaccination rate and those are the people that are most at risk. Those and the undervaccinated like babies and… » 8/26/14 9:44am 8/26/14 9:44am

I think that this warning system is triggered when it measures an actual earthquake in action. While it certainly isn't beneficial to those at the epicenter it would be invaluable to those within seconds from the epicenter. You can see from the video above the actual shockwave it was warning about. » 8/25/14 10:28am 8/25/14 10:28am

Considering that Istanbul was Constantinople when the Hagia Sophia pictured above was built as a new Roman Church by Constantine with the intent of Constantinople becoming the head of the Roman empire the surrounding skyline mostly consisted of small mud brick homes and larger palazzos of the rich Romans.

When the… » 8/23/14 12:03am 8/23/14 12:03am

I thought this was about an original idea that went off the rails? This is obviously disqualified from that status as it is nothing at all original. Just ferngully, or any tons of other previous movies, with blue people and Michelle Rodriguez dying as she usually does. » 8/21/14 8:08pm 8/21/14 8:08pm

Great stuff! These are great and as an architect I sit here thinking "how can these be empty and how can some enterprising entrepreneur not be eyeing these for a project?" then I realize that they became empty for a reason and making them something again would require such a great influx of cash that you would never… » 8/21/14 4:11pm 8/21/14 4:11pm